Customer Accident Video

Although a car accident is always unfortunate, we are always happy to hear that were able to help our customers when they do happen!

Here is a customer's video of his accident while backing out of his parking spot:

"I am a happy guy. My Mini 0803 has paid for itself 26 times over. I was backing up in a parking lot and another car was doing the same. My Mini 0803 dash cam was recording through the front windshield. It clearly demonstrated that I had stopped moving before the other car hit me. Normally in Canada, each car pays for it's own damages when the accident occurs in a parking lot and you get an accident on your record. The insurance company (and the police) saw the video and said that I was not at fault. No cost to me and no accident on my record. Damages were $2600.

I am going to buy another for my rear window." - Black Boxed Customer

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