How can a dash cam help?

Your workplace is more than just a place to make money. You have employees and customers you are responsible for. You take care of them because you treat them as family.

Any time an employee is driving, they are exposed to the dangers of the road. In order to protect them, you already gave them proper training. However, there are always incidents that are unavoidable.

A dash cam can help to prevent accidents and review the accident in detail.


Your employees will be more cautious because they will be accountable for dangerous maneuvers. They will start thinking twice before making that turn.


Although your employees will become more cautious, they'll also experience less stress on the road because they know they are protected if a not at fault accident does occur.


A perfectly recorded video of the vehicle's surroundings before and during the accident will be able to prove your innocence with all the facts available to the police and insurance company.

Reviewing an accident after the fact never gives a full story of what actually happened. Insurance companies try their best to be fair with each claim using all the information they gather from each party and the police report. With a system like this, it's your word against theirs. Because insurance companies want to be careful, they usually split the blame between the parties, even if it might not be their fault.

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