Review: BlackVue DR600GW HD WIFI

Oooohh...What is this? 


The BlackVue DR600GW is a dash cam from Pittasoft, one of the most famous dash cam companies in the world. This high-end single channel dash cam (meaning just the front camera) comes with WiFi so you can review your videos right on your smartphone, making you feel like you're just like an international spy.

Features include:

  • Full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) 30 FPS
  • 2.0 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 133 Wide Angle Lens
  • Super capacitor
  • Parking Mode when hardwired for 24/7 protection
  • GPS and G-Sensor
  • Wireless access to video files though Wifi using smartphone (Apple and Android)
  • -20 C to 60 C operating temperature
  • 64 GB maximum supported memory (16 GB Included)

Opening The Box



At first glance, you'll notice it's a quality product. The matte black and white box opens up and out slides the main star of the show. Placed right in the middle of the box and sitting in its comfy grey foam throne through its travels from South Korea, the BlackVue DR600GW lets you know it means business with it Apple-esque good looks. The change from the silver mounting ring on the previous version of this camera to a fully black one is a nice improvement to help hide the dash cam while installed in your car, keeping it stealthy like a ninja. Solid and handsome are the only words to describe this dash cam's design.



Under the BlackVue DR600GW's foam throne, you'll find the power cable, extra mounting tape, mounting clips, MicroSD USB reader, and manuals. The 16 GB MicroSD card is already inserted into the dash cam from the factory. I found the mounting clips to be a nice touch to help you hide your ugly wires out of sight. All of the tape included is made by 3M, so you know it's quality stuff. 

Using it



It's a simple plug and play system, just like all dash cams. I stuck it onto the windshield with the included adhesive. Plugged one end of the power adapter into side of the dash cam and the other end into the lighter socket. A quick twist of the dash cam lets me adjust the dash cam to the correct angle. Once I turned the car on, the LEDs lights up with a beautiful glow letting me know I've done it right. The security LED on the front can be turned on/off.

BlackVue promises Full HD 1080P video quality and it delivers. The video is crisp and the auto brightness works like a charm to record as much as possible while your car goes through bright and dark areas. I'm able to view license plates in the recorded video with no problems, which is one area lower-end dash cams may have trouble with. The internal GPS records location and speed, but the speed overlay on the video can be turned off if you wish to for those times you want to be a little naughty.



Since the BlackVue DR600GW doesn't have a screen on it, I used the convenient smartphone app (available for both iPhone and Android) and was able to review the videos I had recorded. Loading the videos are little bit slow, but reasonable, considering that it's trying to load 1080P videos over wireless. It works in a pinch if you get into an accident and have to show the police what really happened (just in case the other driver lies ;)). If you don't have a smartphone, no worries, you can also view the videos on any computer using the included MicroSD USB reader. The settings for the dash cam can also be changed through the app. This is a much better alternative than having to fumble with small buttons on other dash cams. Each of the settings are simply labeled so they're easily understandable.

For our tests, I hardwired it into the car with the Lukas LK350 Hardwiring Kit and after about 5 minutes of leaving my car off, it automatically switched itself over to parking mode and started to only recorded when it detected movement or something triggers the G-Sensor. However, make sure you turn the sensitivity down so it doesn't record every time it sees a leaf on a tree rustle. The 30 second clip it records in this mode records everything you'll need for evidence in case a car bumps into your car while you're away and they leave the scene of the crime. With the recorded video, you'll be able to make a claim through insurance without affecting your own insurance premiums.

Final Glance

BlackVue has delivered an amazing product with all the features you need in a dash cam. The build quality is the highest I've seen in a dash cam and the fully black exterior hides the dash cam very well behind the windshield. Video quality is excellent in all conditions. The BlackVue DR600GW is for sure the one we recommend to anyone looking for a premium single channel dash cam.

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