Review: Mini 0806

The Fourth Times a Charm



The Mini series has been always a good value for a starter dash cam. Although the price has increased since the first Mini 0801, but also has the number of features for the Mini 0806

Features Include:

  • Full HD 1296P (2304 x 1296) 30 FPS
  • Optional CPL filter
  • 4.0 MP CMOS Sensor
  • Internal battery
  • 160 Wide Angle Lens with 360 Degree rotation
  • GPS and G-Sensor
  • HDMI output
  • Dual MicroSD card slots, each supporting up to 128 GB (256 GB Total)

Opening The Box



This is the first time there has been a huge redesign to box and the dash cam. The previous Mini's have always came in a generic box, but this one now comes with an impressive box specifically designed for the Mini 0806. Once you open up its black clam shell box, you'll find the Mini 0806 and accessories in little boxes. Everything fits just right and feels like a much more quality product. It also comes with a lens/screen cleaner, which is a nice touch. The manual is finally understandable with fairly good English. Without even turning on the dash cam, you can see the manufacturer has put a lot of thought into this new Mini 0806.

The most obvious change to the Mini 0806's housing are ventilation holes all over its body to help expel heat, which was an issue with the Mini 0803, but already fixed with the Mini 0805. However, the numerous ventilation holes will still give you more confidence that it'll keep ticking in higher temperature environments. The mount is slimmer than before to keep its profile smaller. On the back, the screen is the same size, but the LED lights are now labelled so you know exactly what they're trying tell you with their blinking. By being able to twist the camera, it'll fit any vehicle without worries. Although these might sound like small changes, they add up to make a huge difference.

An optional CPL is available for the Mini 0806. The filter itself attaches onto the lens with magic (or magnets) and is sturdy enough so that it won't fall off during bumpy rides.

Instead of just one MicroSD slot, there are now two slots for added storage, up to an impressive 128 GB for each slot (256 GB max). With the maximum amount of memory, you'll be able to record about three weeks with a regular commute before it needs to rewrite the oldest file.

The accessories include four mounting tapes, car power adapter, micro USB cable and 2 wedges. The two wedges are used to adjust the tilt on the dash cam if your windshield isn't straight and is slightly curved.

Using it



We had it set up in our car by simply sticking the Mini 0806 onto our windshield then plugging it into the lighter socket. It turned on immediately with a chime once it detected power. The menus are the same as the Mini 0805, but gives you the option to flip the video and to choose which MicroSD card to record to. Flipping the video is handy if you want to mount it onto the left side of your rear view mirror. 

The video quality is very comparable to the Mini 0805, which is great because the Mini 0805 was already fantastic with 1296P. You'll be able to record license plates with no problem during the day and night. The CPL filter made it even better by getting rid of the glare from your windshield and making it look like it isn't even there. To get the optimal glare reduction, you need to adjust the CPL filter by turning it, so make sure you don't forget to do that.

Sliding the dash cam in and out of the GPS mount is just as easy as before. If you ever need to remove it from your car, you don't have to disconnect the power since the cable connects directly to the mount, not the Mini 0806. This is what makes the Mini 0806 unique. 

Final Glance


Each iteration of the Mini series, it gets better every time. This latest Mini 0806 sets the benchmark just that much higher for other starter dash cams. Do make sure you get the CPL filter with the Mini 0806 because this feature is what sets it apart from other dash cams on the market. The Mini series is going to continue to be the leader in this low to medium price range.

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