What is a Dash Cam?

A dash cam is the equivalent of a "black box" in an airplane, watching and recording everything while you drive. If anything were to happen (accidents or surprising events), you can be sure it is recorded in high definition to provide proof of what exactly happened to both the police and insurance companies. Many times, only a dash cam can provide the needed evidence to prove your innocence after the accident occurs.

Standard Features:

  • Wide Angle Lens
    All video files will record everything in front of the dash cam to provide as much evidence as possible for any event that might occur.
  • High Definition Video
    The detailed video recorded will show even license plate numbers to track down and find hit-and-run drivers, ensuring they are the ones bearing repair costs.
  • Auto-Record 
    Without having you to worry about it, the dash cam powers on and starts recording automatically when your car is turned on, giving you the peace of mind that everything will be recorded. 
  • Loop Recording
    Your memory card, no matter how much memory, will eventually become full. The dash cam will write over the oldest file to make room for the new one.
  • G-Shock Sensor
    Whenever your dash cam feels an unusual shock due to an accident, it will protect the file it is currently recording. The protected file will be skipped by the loop recording feature and stay on the memory card to view at a later time.

Premium Features:

  • GPS
    The GPS can be turned on to track where you were and what speed you were driving at, giving a more detailed report to the insurance company to protect yourself.
  • Parking Mode
    Always worrying about someone damaging your car while you're away? This is the feature you need. While you are parked, the dash cam only records when it senses motion, showing you everything that happened while you were away.








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