Why Buy a Dash Cam?

"Why spend money to buy a dash cam/black box to protect my car?" 

This was exactly what we asked ourselves before we got our first dash cams, so wrote down a list of reasons for you:

1) Protect your insurance premiums

After an accident, no one wants to claim responsibility for the accident. When this happens, insurance companies can only rely on the police report to determine who is at fault. Unfortunately, this can lead to both parties having to split the responsibility equally, or worse, the innocent party is found to be entirely at fault. A dash cam can eliminate going through this trouble as they can record high quality footage to show what really happened, with some dash cams also including the date, time, speed and location data of the accident. A picture is worth a thousand words, but a video is worth much more than that. Insurance companies can rely on the provided evidence, ensuring that you protect your no-claims bonus and that your insurance premiums do not increase.

2) Protect against damages to your car in parking lots

With G-Sensor technology and Parking Mode built into dash cams, once you leave your car unattended at the parking lot, you can be sure that your dash cam is watching your car for you. The combined features will allow it to detect sudden movement of your car and permanently record the incident. The dash cam will be able to give you a peace of mind that even when you are not with your car, you can still be protected by the recorded footage. With it, you will not have to claim on your insurance or pay the repairs yourself.

3) Protect against scams

Everyone has seen videos either online or on the news of insurance scams, costing innocent people lots of money and headaches. These intentionally malicious acts can range from a simple reverse into your car at stop sign and blaming you for rear ending the car in front of you, to highly organized coordinated scams. The scammers will then claim for vehicle damage, potential injury or loss of earnings. In the end, these acts will impact your insurance premiums. With undeniable video proof of the incident, you will be able to protect yourself.

4) Peace of mind while driving

Have you ever been afraid, that the car on the road next to you unknowingly changes over to your lane without looking and cause an accident? Have you ever approached an intersection while your light is green and you're afraid that an inattentive driver will turn and hit you? With a dash cam installed, the stress is gone since you have a camera always watching what is happening on the road while you're driving. The video proof you have will explain what happened to the police or insurance company without leaving out any details.

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